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Just a Moment of Your Time

Words and Music by John Grimm

John Grimm’s original music and commentary can be heard on the last Saturday of each month (excluding holidays) from 9:00 to 10:00 am as he is interviewed by Tom Goetzinger on KCHK Radio 1350AM and 95.5 FM. John has composed over 100 songs, ranging from the highly inspirational to the humorously irreverent. Not only will this show provide a chance to hear more of his compositions; it also promises to reveal some of the life experiences that have influenced his creativity throughout the years.

If you have trouble with any of the links below, try going to (click here) and listening to the shows there.

2023 Shows(Click on a date to hear that show)
December 30 (coming)
November 25 (coming)
October 28 (coming)
September 30 (coming)
August 26 (coming)
July 29 (coming)
June 24 (coming)
May 27 (coming)
April 29 (coming)
March 25
February 25
January 28
2022 Shows(Click on a date to hear that show)
December 31
November 26
October 29
September 24
August 27
July 30 (no show)
June 25 (no show)
May 28
April 30
March 26
February 26
January 29
January 1
2021 Shows(Click on a date to hear that show)
November 27
October 30
September 25
August 28
July 31
June 26
May 29
April 24
March 27
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