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Hilltop Hall

in Montgomery, MN

Hilltop Hall is a beautiful old dance/concert hall from the 1800’s. It has been lovingly restored and is on the National Historic Register.

Hilltop Happenings

After a 16-month hiatus due to Covid-19, we finally felt safe resuming our Hilltop Happenings performances since the majority of people on stage and in the audience will have been vaccinated by this time. Our regular monthly gatherings resumed on August 29, 2021.

Hilltop Happenings Flyer

Words and Music by John Grimm

John’s original music is now available to listen to or purchase on-line. Visit the website at to stream all the music from his 7 CDs or purchase individual songs or full CDs.

Using the links below, you can access a pdf of our flyer; a 15-minute YouTube video featuring excerpts from our shows; and all six issues of  Troupe Talk, a newsletter that was published bimonthly from Sept. 2020-August 2021 to keep us connected with our fans and each other during the pandemic.

Hilltop Dinner Theater

Hilltop Theater now features an original musical entitled “My Turn in the Urn”, written and composed by John Grimm. The show is a lighthearted yet inspiring journey along the path of life. It features the musical stories of the many unique people who have crossed John’s path, leaving indelible marks there. Their stories, humorous yet profound, will invoke both laughter and tears. Click here or on the image on the left for more information about Hilltop Theater.

Hilltop Rentals – Rent the Hall

The concert hall is also host to many community events including plays, concerts and community gatherings. Rent the hall for these events as well as wedding receptions, family reunions, community meetings, etc. Please contact John for availability and to make rental reservations.

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